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Direction of Tail Swirls on Jan 10, 2003
at Jan 13, 2003 Coordinates

In early analysis, when any and all candidates are entertained during brain storming among the team, J. William Dell noted a distinctive swirling motion in Red Persona candidates.

I have come to the conclusion that the Red Planet X shifts position over the time of the shoot. Time of shoot is:
Frame 1 - 06:54:41
Frame 2 - 07:05:32
Frame 3 - 07:17:03
Frame 4 - 07:27:57
Frame 5 - 07:38:53
J. William Dell

An animation by another debunker, where wrong on the placement of Zeta coordinates for Jan 13, 2003 and omitting one of the frames, shows by the grainy nature of the GIF several distinctive tail swirls moving clockwise, perhaps an overall swirl motion of all the tails in this clockwise motion.

On the Greg Hennessy site debunking Jan 10 images he got his Jan 13 coordinates in the wrong location. He should have referred to Pierre-Eric's Finder. I believe he only has four of the five frames in his GIF.
J. William Dell