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White Persona and Moons on Jan 18, 2003
at Jan 21, 2003 Coordinates

I have indicated my suggested Planet X object located left of Jan 21, 2003 given coordinate. Only 1 hot pixel was noted on Frame 4 in the immediate area. Planet X appears to be approximately 9 pixels in size on these images. Further, if this is the brightness of Planet X/Niburu with moonlight as a factor, we should expect a greater increased intensity from Planet X/Niburu when the moon is down. The illustration provided has all objects that have triggered Avis recognition on each frame and on the Sum of 6 w/Dark. The
Blue are known stars,
White is Planet X White Persona,
Red are Avis recognized,
Yellow are possible Moon Swirls with the number indicating the frame detected. They are not swirls anymore, from what I can see. They are Moons. Where on Dec 13 the objects were at pixel size, they are now of enough intensity to trigger Avis recognition thresholds. I have taken the Sum of 6 DBF and applied Maximum Entropy deconvolution to the image. I have also applied Richardson-Lucy deconvolution to another Sum. In both cases, when the fits images were rendered I find indications of possibly 4 trailing lines of moons roughly corresponding to North/South/East/West.
J. William Dell