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White Candidates on Jan 18, 2003
at Jan 21, 2003 Coordinates

Just out having a look at Sarah McIntire Site at the Jan 25 images. I take it Steve gave her a courtesy copy as she has it posted and notified Sci.Astro. I see a fairly large object just right of Jan 21 coords. Appears well on 2 frames. Just right of Jan 21 coordinates I note that there is a star located right above what I suggest is Planet X/Niburu on her and my images. Which if you don't check the angles closely Planet X might be mistaken for the star on the DSS image. (Planet X looks like a cross on her image, DSS star just above.) I don't think she realizes that Planet X is not at the right angle off other stars to be the faint DSS star. [Below] is an illustration drawn on Sarah McIntyre rendered jpg. I have used an Iris Sum of 3 DBF + Avis for detection. I have taken into consideration the comments from Naji, as to the 2D distance the Moons might be from Planet X/Niburu at the present projected distance of PX from Sun. Planet X/Niburu is located between the coordinates of Jan 21 and Feb 2, and faint star located up/right of PX stands out almost as well as on DSS image. I speculate this may be due to a partial microlensing effect by PX. An interesting effect on the S McIntyre image is the "cross" shape of PX. My suggested Red Persona is located slight right of directly below. The distance between the suggested Red and Planet X is less than Dec 27 distance between Planet X and Red. Possible Moons are all Avis detected and are indicated on Illustration. I do note possible lines of moons.
J. William Dell