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J. William Dell Animation of Comet Suspect

One thing I have picked up on the Oct 4 2002 images, I find quite remarkable. Using Animation shop I created a time-lapse sequence to better identify Planet X. Over at the bright reference star a cometary object is seen. On the right side on frame 5. On frame 6 we see the cometary object enter the Star glow approx. horizontal and within that frame begin to exit. In the frames 7,8,9,10 the Comet exits downward.
J William Dell
About the object "crossing" the star. I discuss it with my colleagues, and they think it must be only a reflection effect of the star, on the "spider" of the telescope (the device that hold the 2nd mirror of the telescope). Notice how the "object" spread and follow exactely one arm of the cross (due to the "spider").