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Jan 28, 2003 Moons Galore

The smudge/blur remains between the coordinates of Jan 21 and Feb 02. My suggested Red Persona as shown on the illustration. Many possible Moons. There is much more Avis detected activity surrounding this area on this date vs Jan 26. I understand humidity was about 1/2 of Jan 26 images and could be a factor. Having 2 hours of Images instead of 1, most likely biggest factor. The circled Yellow are Avis recognized only. I do see a few other objects standing out that did not meet Avis light. Frame 1 indicates some tracing across image, which would indicate faster (relative 2D) movement. There is also some brighter objects located near faint stars. Marked A & B. These seem to be brighter than expected and may involve some light reflection from stars.

J.William Dell