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Jan 30, 2003 Persona Smudge

I believe Planet X stands out against the diffuse surroundings on the Jan 30 images, and I have circled what I believe is the Planet itself in white (Avis Recognized), located just above Feb 02 2003 coordinates. The area again shows the diffuse cloud around the coordinates of Feb 02 as we have seen on Jan 26 and Jan 28. Based on distances between, expected location below, and Planet X Red movement relative to Planet X White over the 2 hours, I suggest the Red circled is location of the refracted persona.(Not Avis recognized) Moons and Swirls: All yellow circled objects are Avis detected. There are other interesting objects appearing which did not meet Avis threshold. The most noticable differences between Jan 28 and Jan 30 are;
1) The amount of Avis Hits has increased in the area. The moons seem to have shifted predominately right of Planet X compared to earlier images when majority of moons appeared to be more to left of Planet X.
2) Moon Swirls appear distinctly on this set. Most notable is the swirl below star left of coordinate location. Another two lighter swirls appear as indicated. None of these swirls triggered Avis detection. The noted Swirl has a very diffuse light spread out in a smaller version of Dec 28 image "splotch".

All components of Planet X/Niburu complex appear to be showing on the Jan 30 2003 images.

J.William Dell