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Mar 8, 2003 Corpus

This is a Sum or Frames 1, 2, and 3 Sum (1 hour) with the Dark. I find Planet X/Niburu standing out well on these three individual frames and in combination. Right on path between March 07 and March 10 coordinates. Slight movement between frames. (Scintillation or travel?) This probable Planet X Red object shows on Frame 1 and 2 at this location (slight left of faint star) and has moved over the images. I don't find Planet X Red at what would be the usual position relative to Planet X/Niburu White. Have not had time to look at all the other debris and moons, will pursue that later.
J. William
Perhaps, as it is closer, there is less bending of the red light rays so the personas are closer together. I note the blur of the corpus is much larger than previous corpus presentations.