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Mar 24, 2003 Intensity of Stars

I have detected very bright (star intensity) objects on these images. On different X/Y points each image, 6 to be exact. They are approx 3X3 or 3X4 pixels in size, and are similar to the moon on Frame 3 for March 23. Due to coordinate
shifting during imaging,
- Frames 8, 7, 6 images are above bottom circles,
- Frame 5 and 1 are at border of area at bottom circles,
- Frame 2 scattered light is at Frame 4 right object location,
- Frame 9 shows 1 unknown object circled below,
- Frame 4 shows 2 unknown objects circled below,
- Frame 3 shows objects at left of image and at bottom,
- Frame 7 shows object above March 17 coordinates.
J. William