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Imaging on Jan 19, 2002

Somebody from tt-france had access to the Haute-Provence Observatory 
in France (a professional one) and he had the opportunity to point to 
the co-ordinates you indicated. Please have a look at the photos. Here 
are the technical details: 

The first attached photo ( provided by ESO Digital Sky Survey) includes 
the comparison field (one must do inverse-rotation to compare) 

The 4 other ones are the images he took on Jan, 19 2002. using a 5'x5' 
field centered on the co-ordinates given by the Zetas on Jan, 17 2002: 
RA = 4h 27mn 22s Dec = 12h 8mn 20s. 

The two circled objects are the only two objects which do not exist in 
the reference field. 

Best regards,