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Jan's 9/15/2002 Summaries

Jan has created JPG files from summary FITS files:

After having played around a bit with the images, the best results were achieved by:

As can be noted in the FITS and JPGs enclosed, there is nothing out of the ordinary to be found in the luminance images. In the red-filtered images, there is a dim item exactly at the Sept 15. coordinates. The object pixel value is 404, and the background pixel value approx. 385. I am uncertain what that translates to in magnitude, but bright it ain't. In the JPGs, it can hardly be seen, but if they are enlarged, the brighter spot can be noticed. When combining the luminance and red-filtered images, then the spot disappears. The spot identified by Charles, using one image only, is not visible in my stacked images, and is probably only noise. Please also note that I have kept the original orientation of the images, whereas Sarah Mc [of sci.astro] on her web-page has flipped them North-South.


Jan has submitted Stacked FITS images of all Luminance (L) images and Red-Filtered (R) images:
and the JPGs for both in both Positive (dark) and Negative (inverted) format are below.
Red Filtered