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Jan's Third Candidate

Jan has identified a third candidate:

I agree there are 2 objects left of star 4 in the stacked images vs. one object on the NEAT image. There is also an object to the left of Charles' noise, circled on the attached images. These are best viewed at 200%. Is this the object you mean? Above, there is a line curving to the right. This is partly destroyed on the circled images, so you should use the untouched JPEGs for viewing these. I do not believe this to be noise, as the filtering out proved pretty good, and before I did such filtering, the noise would create straight lines going down to the right, not curves. For illustration, I have included a stacked image without noise removal. I have no idea what the curve is. Planet X can hardly move that rapidly, and it seems too far away from the circled object for twirling moons. However, we cannot have 3 Planet X'es, so my take is that it is dead on where it should be, at the same height as Charles object (unfortunately only noise IMHO), just a little to the right of the straight line between start 3 and 5. I have not circled this on any of the images produced by AIP4Win, not to tamper with the images. I have now produced the Jpegs with Photoshop instead of exporting them from AIP4Win, as that gives a higher quality. If any of you have a decent Fits analyzer program, take a look at the combined Fits.
Although Charles X spot turns out to be noise when the images are stacked and the background removed, on the sum red images there are 4 rectangular squares (1 is 6 pixels, 2 are 4 pixels and the one on top is 2 pixels) going up vertically in a line and curving to the right just a tad to the left from X. So maybe there could be something there after all. We'll get it right soon I'm sure! ... I think someone on sci.astro said it was probably an asteroid that was moving across that part of the sky. Otherwise, I have no idea what it could be.
The Curve