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Images on Nov 15, 2002

Naji collected images on the night of Nov 15 (early morning of Nov 16). FITS files of the Reds, including matching JPG images of the frames, and a Darks FITS file is available to the public to download, below:

I made a median sum of the images that I have taken and I can see most of the stars. I printed the DSS Large bitmap and estimated Nov 16 coordinates by doing linear extrapolation form the Nov 6 and 15 coordinates. Telescope is a Mewlon 300 with FLI Dream Machine. I took the first frame on 05:59:25 UTC, the second frame 21 minutes and 47 seconds later. This delay is because I wanted the first frame to be a trail frame so I can determine if I want 5 minutes frames or 2 minutes frames. It took about 15 minutes to download the FIT file, because Arnie is using a 64 KBPS satellite uplink, I have 1.5 MBPS Internet connection. I did check and the sky seems clear. I think that using 1x1 binning is a good idea, maybe with longer exposure such as 10 or 15 minutes. Using 3x3 binning (group of 9 pixels acting as one) yields 1/3 smaller image, and PX will be no more than 1 pixel. This is usually used to measure brightness, but sci.astro users will not be able to dismiss the possibility that there are no hot pixels involved.
I got some flat and bias calibration frames for the Nov 15 images. I did a sum image to see how it looked and it ended up taking out some of the pixel defects and bits noise but nothing too noticeable (red and white personas were not affected).
Steve Havas
I've processed Niji's images, and uploaded the results.
8 Red Filter
Flat & Bias