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Personas Speculation for Nov 15, 2002 Images

Just finished quick look at Naji Images. I find Avis recognized objects consistant with Nov 15 coords on 5 frames out of 8. If you are using Cadet to stack images and add dark using the Callibrate Image button, on the Nov 16 images. Turn off the "optimize noise reduction" by unchecking its square. You will get a nice image. Live and learn. I am including a Sum Summary done with Cadet Callibration with a dark. Turn off the "optimize noise reduction" under Callibrate Image button for it to work.
J. William Dell
These are two spots I have not been able to identify on the DSS or NEAT images. Naji pointed out the spot I circled as white light candidate a couple days ago which is very close to the Nov 15 coordinates. There is a spot I circled with a question mark which does not show up on the NEAT image but which I think I can see on the DSS.
Steve Havas
It appears that the best frame I have taken is frame1. I think it shows both the white, 9 pixels (I call it first red) and red, 7 pixels(second red), since I used a red filter for all. The blue box in the BMP is the white candidate and the red one is the red candidate.
J. William Dell CandidateSteve Havas Candidates

Naji Candidates