Imaging on Feb 3, 2003
at Feb 2 Coordinates

This is a single 2 hours exposure image at Feb 2 coordinates. I also scaled the 1 hour dark to 2 hours using a small program that I made. I used a factor of 1.98, which is based on the difference between the 20 and 60 minutes darks.  Arnie also calibrated the image for me because IRIS truncates high pixel values before doing multiply/subtract.

Image data:

Feb03-1   RA 4:21:34.128 Dec 12:07:05.268 04:44:45 UT  <-- Feb 2 coordinates

Once again, these are FITS files, which means one must use a FITS viewer which can be downloaded from a Harvard site. The files are dated Jan 10, were taken in the early morning of Jan 10th in the clear skies of Arizona. The Coordinates of RA 4.36007 and Dec 12.11875 for Jan 21, 2003 must be Converted. Use Pierre's Guide to locate the coordiantes in reference to neighboring stars, including the large SAO star used for orientation on the Sep 21, 2002 imaging.

The following sets are available, from two servers (in case primary server is down, try secondary):

Server, based in Slovenia, Central Europe

Feb03-d-1(Dark subtracted)