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Retrograde Orbit Impact

Retrograde motion, when observed for the planets in the Ecliptic, is an optical illusion. But Planet X is in fact moving in a retrograde motion, clockwise to the right, not counterclockwise to the left as the actual motion for the other planets in the solar system. This may account for the contrasting stretch observed.
Retrograde is against the normal motion. What would that look like on 2 hour images with only a slight shift in coordinates
Retrograde is all about object motion in an Earth-centered universe verses a Sun-centered universe. In a Sun-centered universe, all planets move according to a right hand rule, to the left. A person on Earth; however; could see sometimes that these planets turn right. For instance, we have been seeing Planet X going right since September. If you were to stand on the sun, you would see that Planet X is going left all the time, not right as a person on Earth would see sometimes. It’s more like an optical illusion [below] for an earth-centered person.