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Imaging on Mar 7, 2003
at Mar 7 Coordinates

Steve and I have taken 6 * 20 minutes images tonight. The random coordinates chosen can be seen in the image at right. I know that in frame 3 and 4 I shifted the coordinates too much.

Once again, these are FITS files, which means one must use a FITS viewer which can be downloaded from a Harvard site. The files are dated Mar 7, were taken in the very early morning of Mar 7th in the clear skies of Arizona. Use Pierre's Guide to locate the coordiantes in reference to neighboring stars, including the large SAO star used for orientation on the Sep 21, 2002 imaging.

Note: the Frames Zip files are missing and cannot be located. We appologize. This is true for all images collected during March, 2003. However, all images collected from September, 2002 through Febaruary, 2003 are available.

Mar 7 FITSRelated FITS