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Rent-a-Scope Environment

The debunkers can do much more than that. Arnie is using Windows 2000 server which is full of security holes for virus writers to take advantage of, such as the Code Red virus. There is not much he can do about it. They don't need to go Arnie's site and hack their way into his system, they can do it remotely.

Example EST March 8, 2003::

naji (11:00:03 PM: I have guider problems. 
   It always drifts. 
   I have been using the scope for the last 32 minutes
arnierosner (11:00:27 PM): OK let me sign on and check it out
arnierosner (11:10:03 PM): Naji?
naji (11:10:29 PM): yes
arnierosner (11:10:55 PM): I was calibrating but since you left 
   the scope another user jumped in.
arnierosner (11:11:20 PM): I shut off the scope and if you are 
   ready to get back in I'll let you know when.
naji (11:11:31 PM): I am ready
arnierosner (11:11:40 PM): Hang on for a moment.
arnierosner (11:12:18 PM): OK let it go
naji (11:17:41 PM): The Guider is drifting pixel by pixel
naji (11:17:50 PM): aborting
arnierosner (11:18:29 PM): Let me check it out again
arnierosner (11:23:01 PM): OK
arnierosner (11:23:08 PM): Get ready to jump in
naji (11:23:17 PM): never left
naji (11:23:34 PM): Start now?
arnierosner (11:23:58 PM): Yes
naji (11:29:03 PM): It's guiding okay
arnierosner (11:29:53 PM): Yes. It needed to be calibrated. 
   When the other user jumped in he screwed up my calibration so 
   it bombed again when you started over.
arnierosner (11:30:53 PM): You can actually calibrate your self now. 
   We have added a routine (script) under the home page menu run scripts.
arnierosner (11:31:18 PM): Also an autofocus routine.
arnierosner (11:31:31 PM): They are not yet perfect but work pretty well.
naji (12:10:05 AM): Done. Downloading 1 file
arnierosner (12:10:56 AM): Great!
arnierosner (12:11:03 AM): Good hunting...