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Complex Size

Would it be possible for Naji to compute the Distances based on Planet X at Saturn orbit? Working with 5 million mile moons and 14 million mile tail (in pixels)? I am wondering how those distances compare to 1024 X 1024 image size. Would it all fit on the image or is the telescope now only seeing a portion of total debris field
From the Equations that I presented earlier, and using constants from the web:
Distance from the Sun in KM/Miles:

   KM to Miles: (KM / 1.609344)

   Earth   149.6e6 km = 92.95713035e+6 Miles
   Saturn 1426.8e6 km = 886.57241708e+6 Miles
   Uranus 2871.0e6 km = 1783.95669291e+6 Miles
   Pluto  5906.4e6 km = 3670.06680983e+6 Miles

Pixel size equation:

   d = R * tan(3.8411458333333e-4)
   d = R * 6.704064184e-6

   PX Complex diameter in pixels = 2 * 5e6 / d

At Planet  Size(Mile) PX Complex Diameter in Pixels
---------  ---------- -----------------------------
Saturn      5943.63              1682
Uranus     11959.76               836
Pluto      24604.36               406