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Oriented During Analysis on Jan 10, 2003
at Jan 13, 2003 Coordinates

In attempting to get oriented, astronomy-challenged Nancy numbered the stars in the field incorrectly, and sought help from the team.

You aligned the stars incorrectly. The big star marked with red x is GSC 676.704, magnitude 11.8. I renumbered the correct stars in red. I recommend that you download N0730 folder from the following location which can be used with HNSKY. This will help in seeing that region of the sky.

I have been using HNSKY with GSC database to see the area of the sky that Planet X is on. The white box [below] represents the full width of Rent-a-Scope frame. From the Rent-a-Scope logs, the image viewing area is 23.6*23.6 arc minutes. This can be used to find coordinates. This makes pixel width/height in degrees(360): 3.8411458333e-4.

How to view PX surrounding starts with HNSKY: First, download HNSKY from Second, go to and download the N0730 folder. Download only the N0730, which is 13.7 MB. This folder contains 585 files so you may want to use an FTP program to download them, such as WS FTP freeware. This folder covers the area in the sky from Dec 7.30 to Dec 15.00, for all RA coordinates. The “N” in N0730 refers to North, and 0730 refers to the starting Dec coordinate. You can tell the end Dec coordinate by looking at the next folder N1500, which covers the area above Dec 15.00, and so on. The folder N0730 covers March 3rd coordinate so there is no need to download the whole database. Now start the program, and go to FileàLoad Status. Select the attached HNS file. You may want to save your settings first. Now go to FileàSettings and change the GSC location to wherever you put the N0730 folder, then click Save. Next, Click on Objects, and select “Activate GSC”, you should see the stars now. To quickly go to the area where PX is, search for the SAO star by typing “93912” if GSC is not active, or “676.1224” if GSC is active. That’s all.