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Winged Globe
Russia, on Oct 28, 2003

Good news to you. Today I have made new pictures. On them again anything is not present, except for the Sun. Also I have made some pictures, similar themes, that at you on page. I have shown as to determine a fake it whether or not. See my page. 'Sun is not in the center of frame, so we've got a big lens flare. Look - it is symmetric to the center of the frame.'
A strong skeptic from Russia, on the hunt for the truth. As in the Winged Globe photos from Italy, the Mega-Monster is a bent light phenomena which does not represent the true physical placment of Planet X. It has shown up behind phone lines and tree lines and thus does not appear to be a lens flare in all cases. The Mega-Monster sun has also been getting consistently larger in photos, during the weeks that Planet X has been approaching. I have one question to our strong skeptic on the hunt for the truth. Why, when the photo is centered, are there Wing flares? The normal flare for the Sun is a vertical line flare. Why this skew?