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East Coast USA, on Oct 31, 2003

I took some pics of the sun using Infrared filters. These filters block all visible light but pass IR 800nm and up. The CCD sees that frequecy very well. That is why they have such low light capabilities. This allowed me to use my camera as a digital Infrared camera and photograph just the IR without being washed out with the bright visible sun. I did not edit in any way except too function crop (to fit on page) and rotate 90° (to show correlation). No color changes of adjustments in any way. There are three dots in a row that remain in the same spot relative to the sun and the tops of the trees in my yard (to give good perspective). No mater how I rotate the camera or flip the filters the three dots remain in the same relative position. What are they? The camera is not saturated due to the filter.
TruthSeeker, on godlikeproduction Message Board