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Red Cross
Oregon, on Oct 31, 2003

These photos are from PDX, an Oregon airport. Today, I have seen for the first time this occurrng in the US in two separate locations, PDX and Glacier, Montana (lower row). In both photo's you will see that the sun looks elongated to the right side. Looks like photos from New Zealand, except Planet X is on the right.
This would be correct, as the Southern Hemisphere views the opposite side of the Ecliptic, when standing upright, basically, they are standing upside down on the globe while those in the Northern Hemisphere are standing right side up. Note the Red Cross is caused by the presence of light from the Red Persona, which causes the Occulting Sun. This light presence causes the normal horizontal/vertical line flares of the Sun (see at left) to skew into the Red Cross. Here the occulting can clearly be seen in the photo at left at 6 o'clock, and in the photo at right at 4 o'clock.