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Persona Surround
Hong Kong, on Nov 13, 2003

This pinhole pic taken on 13 Nov at 1/250sec on tripod and remote release 6Mp unedited. My purpose of using the pinhole lens with Digital back is to eliminate glass lens surface flare artifacts. With the pinhole image there is no question of the authenticity of the captured personas. Mostly this is a personal reassurance exercise. The pinhole setup rules out the flare problem totally. The quality is OK for a pinhole [note second photo provided for comparison]. If the subject is centered resolution is acceptable.
This Ohio soybean crop circle, discovered Nov, implies another relationship of visible personas to the placement of Planet X vs a vs the Sun. Considered authentic as fuzz is missing from the entire plant. An estimated eight plants were also found inside the circle that had held their green color despite the recent weather and typical drying process soybeans undergo prior to harvest. Upon examining the entire field, no other green plants were found.