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Second Sun
Arizona, on Dec 1, 2003

When I first saw this picture it struck me as odd, especially since I view this site on a daily basis. As you will note on Nov 22, the sun is not visible in the picture. However, what appears to be red corpus and dust cloud are. In previous photo's the sun is in the approximate same location, always out of frame. Now, just 6 days later from Nov 22 the sun is visible. Or, is it the Second Sun and the sun has already set or is setting? If you look closely, not only is the red corpus and dust cloud visible, but also another orb. The second sun showed up again Nov 30, only better this time!
As can be seen from the Nov 1 photo, the Sun is setting on the left, and moves further South as the northern hemisphere moves into Winter. This is a dramatic Second Sun, along with a small red Corpus, Dust Cloud, Monster Sun appearing behind the clouds, and moon swirl personas! Showing up day after day, in similar positions and appearance.