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Louisiana, on Dec 17, 2003

Here are some photos taken Dec 17 at 1:30 PM. The image of Planet X is now moving off more to the left of the Sun from my viewing point here in Louisiana. The photos are showing an extremely occulted Sun off to the lower left of image, with the winged globe effect, as the movement of Planet X is positioned in the constellation Libra now. Also of note is the white images surrounding the Sun, similar to the Signs of the Times #548 description by an observer in Michigan. What it may infer is the coming together of the corpus complex of Planet X and Moons.
Since late October I have observed a white object over the sun. At first, it may be mistaken for a Full Moon. The only time that it is visible is when the Sun is covered by clouds and the object is in an opening in the clouds. This object is completely round and white. As the Sun is coming from behind the clouds the object is illuminated by the Sun to the point that you can not diffentiate it from the Sun.
Sign of the Times #548
It had a Tail. We all said the same thing. This is a comet! Pretty large for a comet, bigger then any I´ve seen in the past. 10x larger then Hale-Bopp.
Sign of the Times #550