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Dust Cloud
Brazil, on Mar 13, 2004

Some more pix's from Australia. Just so you know as to why the pic's seem different although taken at the same time.
1 (normal setting) and 2 (macro setting) with no filters.
3 (nornal Setting) and 4 (macro setting) with welders lense No 11 as the filter.
5 (normal setting) and 6 (macro setting) with sunglassess as the filter.
Photo's taken today Saturday 13th march 3:00pm approx 310 degrees west (50 degrees west of north) and approx 45 - 50 degrees alttitude. Funny though as the other day the alttitude was 30 degrees or so higher, I can't have been that wrong as I am not that bad at estimating I thought although I did today double check using my sons arms as a guide to angle. By looking at the photo's from the other day that I had sent this change could be true as I usually stand in a similar position. Both sets of photos are from the same time.
Richard, Victoria Australia
Note Richard’s observations on a change in Azi and Alt were echo’d by Giusmar’s observations in Italy, same time frame on Mar 10 and Mar 13, and Confirm each other’s observations! We are tilting, again, after the Mar 10, 2004 Sweeping Arm pass. Note that in these photos from Australia, there is an orb at 1 o’clock to the Sun as shown in photos 1, 3, and 4. Also at the 4:30 o’clock position as shown in photo 2 and in the Mar 10 photos from Australia. Consistently, a strong burst of red light at the 1-2 o’clock position! Moon Swirls with their own dust also appear.