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Persona Ecliptic
Australia, on Mar 10, 2004

Some pixs today from Australia. These were taken at 3:00 PM this afternoon the 10th March 04. approximately at 305 degrees N/W ( 55 Degrees north of west) with approx alttitude of 75-80 degrees. 3 photos with no filter and one with sunglasses as filter. The Sun seemed high and was blaring and I could not see a thing without sunglasses until of course, photo's are taken. As you can see there is another object blaring away quite obvious at 4:30 o’clock on top of everything else. Also if one was to line up the flares and look at where they intersect it is off center to the suns Circle as well I feel.
Richard, Victoria, Australia
Australia, in the southern hemisphere, sees things opposite from the view from the northern hemisphere, as the northern and southern hemipshere are standing upside down from one another, in essence. Thus, where in the afternoon the Corpus is found to the left of the setting sun in the northern hemisphere, it is found to the right in the southern hemisphere. On the Aquarius side of the Ecliptic.