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Italy, on Mar 17, 2004

Taken Mar 16 from 1:03 PM and 1:06 PM, the last on Mar 17 at 8:25 AM. I tried to analyze as fits, that I found useful and beautiful.
Note the similar description from what is seen in these photo, on the GLP message board!

The sun rose here, SW Michigan, this morning without a cloud in the sky on a weekday for the first time in months. I leave for work at 6:15. I drop a child of at Daycare and arrive by 7:00 AM This morning I saw a plume that at 6:15 was located about 1:00 relative to the sun. By the time I was at work at 6:55 it was at 9:00 (again relative to the sun), having traveled with the sun, arcing above it to get there, while maintaining equidistance to the sun. I call it a plume because it was not a cloud. In and of itself, (not the same movement in relation to the sun described above) it was moving, changing, almost spiraling.