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Red Dust
Louisiana, on Mar 24, 2004

There was a significant amount of red dust that swept into the Baton Rouge vicinity from a SW direction during twilight hours between 6:45 PM and 7:00 PM CT. The Dust was visible over the entire South & SW horizon and was moving towards the NE at a fairly steady clip. I managed to get a few good photos showing what most certainly is red dust in the atmosphere. The photos taken of Venus in the western horizon and of the quarter moon with red halo directly overhead, provide difinitive proof that our atmosphere is once again being penetrated by cosmic red dust, similar in nature to what was reported from Florida in July and August of 2003. From all indications it would appear that the solar winds are flushing the dust and debri of Planet X directly towards the Earth. This is yet another indication that Planet X is between the Earth and the Sun and heading our way.