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New York, on Apr 5, 2004

I circled three pieces of debris here, but if you magnify it you can pick out a lot more! Note that this has been the first day we have had where you have been able to see the Sun at all.

I had a chance to view the Sun with my Air Lens on Apr 5th here in El Paso. The complex of three clusters, now strung together, was above and to the right of the Sun at 3:00 PM and a 4th object was below and to the left (widely separated from the cluster). The complex length was approximately 7X Sun diameter and had several bends in it. After my eyes adjusted, I could see various sized beads, red, yellow, blue and dazzeling white, moving around inside each of the three cluster componets within the complex. With filter, I saw a large dust cloud surrounding the Sun. The dust field extended about 2X Sun diameters all around, but was irregular in shape. I now believe the nearness of the complex to Earth to be approx .020 AU, extending to .35 or .40 AU. Some of the moons are now very large reflectors.