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Moon Swirl
China, on Apr 16, 2004

Note: this is obviously a kite, and was submitted by someone other than Walter. My appologies to my public, due to the high regard I hold Walter in, I assumed this to be sincere and from him. I checked the emails from Walter over the past few months, and there are several differences.
1. this one was in perfect English and Walter does not write in perfect English (I correct the English for the web), thus was NOT written by Walter
2. this one had a larger font, line spacing for the body of the email, was indented, and line breaks the previous emails did not have, thus was written by ANOTHER email program than Walters.
3. this one submitted on April 16 had the exact same subject line as the last recieved from Walter on Feb 7, but Walter varies his subject lines, and the subject line used did not reflect the content.
Today I captured a weird pic. One is original, the other enlarged and one darkened. It looks like something plunged into the sun with a trailing jet stream behind. This was visible only for a short time, maybe a minute or even less.
This does not have the shape of a meteor or comet, but rather a Moon Swirl in front of the Sun and thus outlined as a dark shape in front of the Sun!