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Bent Less due to Time and Date

The Zetas confirm that the Red persona of Planet X is centered in Steve's circle. See the next page for an explanation as to why it appears above, rather than below, the 9/21/2002 red persona.

On Sept 21 the red filter images were taken from between 2:30 and 3:30AM Pacific time which from looking at my skychart would put it between 52 - 63 degrees above the horizon. On Oct 4 the images (which began on Oct 3 and finished on Oct4) were taken between 11:45 and 12:45AM which puts it between 28 - 41 degrees above the horizon approximately. On Sept 21 the imaging would have started looking SES and finished looking approximately SE and on Oct 4 the imaging should have started looking EEES finished looking at about EES. I would think the red light should bend more when Planet X is lower on the horizon, with more mass of the earth below to pull it down? And then when it is higher there would be less of a tendency to pull it down due to an increasing mass above to cancel some of the downward pulling? And would the light bend more to the east the further over to the east Px is it so that on Oct 4 there should have been more pulling to the east.

But if you're looking more directly East, then you are not going over the Equator, from Arizona! Arizona is way north of the Equator! The Equator has a greater pull, as this is the mass point of gravity pull, so to speak. Coming in from the East, of Arizona, you are only passing over magma, not the core of the Earth! We have moved past the solstice, 9/21, and on 10/4, the light from Planet X came more directly from the East, not from over the Equator, etc. On 9/21 it was much closer to the Equator, so had to bend down, more.

Bingo Nancy I think you've done it! That makes perfect sense to me now as I had not considered the greater gravity tug coming over from the equator and not as great from the east. Ahhh, the pieces falling in place!