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Noon Sighting Reports
as of May 22, 2003

Two days ago, around 1:00 PM when the sun is at max strength, I looked at it for a second (which should not be done, cause you could be blind staring at the sun like that), then I closed my eyes because the light was too bright. When I closed my eyes I had the exact image of the sun (because the light was very bright) but the strange thing was that there was another "red" point in the image, just under the sun. The image lasted for about 15 long seconds, while my eyes were recovering from the painful light, and for all that time the image that "shocked" my eyes were two rounds: a large one, the sun, and another smaller one just under it. Maybe it´s only a coincidence, or I don´t know what it is. Maybe it´s a planet, a comet, or maybe I just imagined that. However, that was strange.
Belzebuth, on godlikeproductions Message Board
I´ve had the same result, except I can stare into the sun and right beside it is another easily viewable smaller highly reddish object. It´s about 1/4 the size of the moon in comparison. I tried to take pictures of it with my crappy digital cam, but it runs on like 3 batteries, and apparently now can only take pictures when hooked directly to my computer. I snapped like 20 shots of it and then went to plug it into my computer, which is like 5 feet away and when I went to retreive the photos it reset the count and erased everything I had taken. This is the only functioning camera I have.
Sicksixix, on godlikeproductions Message Board
I don´t think the image was a "ghost" on my retina, cause there would have been only one image then. But there was 2 images, and as someone said here the second was about 1/4 of the moon (maybe a bit smaller) and it was clearly under the other image, a bit to the right.
Belzebuth, on godlikeproductions Message Board
I was shocked when I got the same "double image" when blinking, an effect called persistance of vision, used to fool the eye in "motion" pictures. I admit, it scares me.
Eyeballgame, on godlikeproductions Message Board