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Sunrise Sighting Reports
as of May 20, 2003

This morning at about 7 a.m. I looked at the sun through my bedroom window. I had my sunglasses on. The window has a screen and security bars and also their were trees partially in the way. This turned out to be a mixed blessing however as I found that by moving my head back and forth I could make out a second sun. It appeared right next to the real sun and was partially eclipsing it (about 1/5 of it). It was on the left of the sun. I thought maybe it was an optical illusion so I tried it again and again from different places and I still could see it. I tried taking polaroids of it but they didn't show even the sun. The "second" sun I saw was almost as big as the sun and almost just as bright. It was partially eclipsing the sun so I could see about 4/5 of it. So, to the best of my knowledge it might have been a sighting.