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Sunset Sighting Reports
as of May 20, 2003

I saw Planet X, exactly where you say it is. I was standing at the edge of a dried up waterfall, looking around for Planet X, by the directions of which my friend gave (8oclock to the sun, 6-8 thumb lengths to the left, pink aura, around 8:15 PM) when she saw it, and as I looked up, I saw sure enough a pink aura in the same position that she described! Followed by a tint of orange to the side and what looked like a streak of light. Now I was unsure it was Planet X for a couple of seconds, looked like a large comet! But I soon deciphered the difference. It did maintain that position in the sky for quite a while till the sun set. What is interesting is that it correlates exactly with what my friend saw! Everything's the same place, distance from the sun, color, same time etc, except for the fact it got a lot larger! Right where Planet X is suppose to be.