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Binocular/Small Scope Sighting Reports
by Mar 22, 2003

During the Mar 22, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session, several individuals reported sighting the inbound Planet X complex with binoculars or small scopes.

SIGNS of the TIMES #6: Planet X in Amateur SCOPES
   'I have just last night with my Telescope have been able to see Planet X, last  
   night was the first break in the winter cloud cover in my area in the time period 
   in whichI could see PX with my telescope, and what I saw nearly made me faint, I  
   saw it, thank you for all help with the pole shift and the after time.'
<Jeremy32> This PX candidate star I saw is naked eye visible, and has a firey 
   colour viewed through binocs and cannot be brought into focus sharply compared
   to other stars..
Professinal job!
<NancyL> Jeremy!  You SAW it!
<NancyL> I also have reports from others.
<InSoM420> Shaman also said he saw it
<Jeremy32> Nancy: Maybe, but it has a fire colour to it rather than red, but it 
   stands out from the other stars through binoculars
<Earth420> and me Nancy, like a cluster, fuzzy
<Blippy> Jeremy32: I have seen the same complex... been watching for a couple 
<MichaelCu> Are you sure he didn't see Aldebaran?
<Sefi> Aldebaran isn't fuzzy
<3j> If PX is going to be under the V then Alderbaran is not Px :P
<Earth420> Well, like a nebula, galaxy fuzzy dude
<InSoM420> JeremyL was it a little lower than Orions belt and to the right of it? 
   Alderbaran is at a 45 degree angle from the belt to the right
<GingerAle> Sefi: depends on how low on the horizon it is.
<Jeremy32> I used 20x80 Helios stellar binoculars to view it.. might look again 
   later tonight.
<JWilliam> I would like to thank whoever made the website 
   A very professional job.
<GingerAle> Make an right triangle with Aldeberan and the Pleiades... with the 
   bottom leg of the triangle going toward Orion about 3 finger widths from 
<GingerAle> Look for a bright orange star (Aldeberan) halfway between the belt 
   and the Pleiades.  Then go 6 degrees southwest from Aldeberan.
<GingerAle> that would be about 3 fingers width held at arms length.