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Sightings with Unaided Eye
as of Apr 5, 2003

I´m really sorry to say, (and I will not confirm this till I see it three nights in a row), but three of us tonight saw in a clear New Zealand night "an object" that was not there one, two even four weeks ago. The coordinates match the Zeta site predictions. I won´t say its "the" planet until I´m positive, but the two guys feel sure... No camera between us, just one person needed binoculars... So if this is it, then you´ll see it soon enough for yourselves... Just make sure your´re looking in the right area.. You can´t miss it from now...
Zendessa, in New Zealand
<Donny> I saw it
<Donny> 3 nights. Red
<SteveH> 3 nights ago?
<Donny> Very red fades in and out.
<SteveH> Right at the coordinates?
<Donny> 3 nights in a row, yes.
<SteveH> Wow! Where abouts are you?
<Donny> It is awesome looking. Texas
<SteveH> Naked eye?
<Donny> Clouds here now though. Yes
<Donny> I didnt need anything else.
#zetatalk channel, in Texas
I can see it here in Oklahoma City, without a Telescope. I have a 10 inch telescope with a 25 mm Plossl eyepiece. Thats about 50 power and you can see reddish/brown dust trail.
Headmaster of the Falling Leaves Clan of the Lin Kuei tradition, in Oklahoma
Wow! I'm blown away. I live in So. Oregon and it's been cloudy here but I got a brief window tonight and got out a small pair of 12 x 60 binocs at work and there it was blinking in and out, red, in the spot where I could not make it out just last weekend. Can't wait to see it with my 6" reflector. Now I don't know what to do and am afraid to bring others attention to it and frighten them. Wow, Nancy! What times these are! Thank you for your courage and convictions and the Zeta's too. Though I'm not prepared, I am going to do whatever I can to help others. Hope I can handle this.
Guy, in Oregon
Notice the red flicker, in and out, then nothing, then a second or two, red sparkle. The red sparkle or flicker is distinctly RED and bright like a diamond catching the light. Best time to look is about 1 hour after sunset in the SW sky just above the horizon, once Orions Belt is visible.
in New Mexico
I live in New England. Whenever the sky is clear I search for PX. I am limited by the time in which I can view Orion. One night I could see something red blinking. (Can´t be sure what I saw). Since then night skies have been cloudy.
in New England
Got a great look at our target last night with the 10” scope. The clouds and rain were very cooperative with holes in clouds opening up in just the right spots. Last night it did have a tail.
I am located in a remote area near the Amazon called Roraima (north of Brazil). This area has the cleanest air in the world and the sky is pure dark and blue. I have checked the coordinates from ZetaTalk about Planet X, and for my surprise the position and accuracy supported by them is astonishing. The reddish star is visible naked eye in this region exactly below the Aldebaran star and some natives are calling this reddish object as (Hercolubus) telling its effect on the planet will be a cataclysm of unprecedented proportions. The object has a strange focus on my telescope glowing different lights as I try to zoom on it. I have contacted some astronomers to check it and the answers were that this object has the same composition and mass of an unidentified celestial object called (Enigma) discovered in 2001.
<planetxse/#zetatalk> I had no trouble finding the complex
<Marduk274/#zetatalk> What does it look like to naked eye?
<planetxse/#zetatalk> Red fading in an out. Very red
<Marduk274/#zetatalk> Did you use corner of the eye technique or just straight on?
<planetxse/#zetatalk> Straight on. It just kept on pulsing.
<n18/#zetatalk> nancy18.htm. Did it look like the above link?
<planetxse/#zetatalk> I'll check. Yes but much reder, in person. I am taking pics also tonight if weather permits.
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