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Hawaii Photo
on Apr 4, 2003

I thank you for making available all this vital information. I got a great picture of Planet X from on top of one of Hawaii’s volcanoes. I went up the Haleakala volcano to have a good look at Planet X. There was cloud cover on the top of the volcano (10,000 ft ). On my way down, I stopped at the 6,000 ft level and had clear skies. I took this picture with a 7 x zoom on a digital camera using the roof of the car to steady the camera for a 4 second exposure. I was amazed at how well it turned out when I looked at it on my computer screen. By zooming it another 8 times I could make out 9 moons.
The whole Hawaiian photo of the purported Planet X shows that the photo was taken by a 1.2 megapixel camera (1280 x 960). Brightness enhancement shows the whole picture has a near normal cluster of stars (which can be valuable for arcsec calibration and Planet X location identification on March 31 at 12:16 A.M.).

Note: this photo was cropped to fit on the screen. The time stamp was included to show the relative size of the Planet X complex as viewed from Earth at this time.
Note, Chris was working in Hawaii but his home is in Canada. The camera is on Canadian time.

My camera is a Minolta delmage 7 (5.2 mega pixels). I took all the Planet X photos with the digital zoom turned off and the maximum optical zoom (7X). The last two photos were taken with the camera set at the maximum quality and size (but not in "raw" format). The photos were saved by the camera in TIF format. I converted and compressed them to the JPG format to make them under 1024 KB in size (the maximum size that I can attach as an attachment to a hotmail). The first photo I took at a setting of 1.3 mega pixels with the digital zoom off and the optical zoom at maximum (7X), but the camera's time was 4 hours out from the Hawaii time zone as my home is in Canda.
Seams to be a real photograph, but looks more like a nebula to me. It doesn't exhibit the same characteristics as other potential sightings. In fact it reminds me of the crab nebula.