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Sightings with Unaided Eye
as of Apr 8, 2003

I´m in Florida, and yes, I did see it the other night, briefly. I was also skeptial until I saw it with my own eyes, as others have stated - have to see for yourself. Having said that, the reason there´s a lull in conversation on it I can only speak for myself, which maybe perhaps is a normal process. What I mean is I was shocked / stunned when actually saw it, and certainly been pondering it now. For even though see it, the question winding it´s way through the neurons of my brain are...what´s next? Will it really cause total catastrophe? And the logic starts arguing, for again, have to see it for myself, yet also understand that impossible to see catastrophe for self, so then what? Then the winding thru the mind starts all over again...
<InSoM420> I got a chance to view it in Puerto Rico last Monday. Seen it through massive light pollution too
<SteveH> What did it look like?
<InSoM420> It was just the red dot.. but where it should have been. I was freaking out! I figured I'd be more calm about it.
#zetatalk IRC channel
Wow! I saw Planet X last night [Apr 2] with all it's Moons and I am now very sick with fear. Maybe it will just pass through with no damage. I live in Everett WA. The Forecast for the next five days is clouds and rain. I’m afraid to log on to #zeatalk and how is it that Nancy or anyone can see this and not go crazy? Please someone wake me up.I am paralyzed with fear, I see Planet X but this can't be real this has got to be some type of trick the Zeta's are playing on us. This a mass hallucination.
Jeffery, in Washington
I´ve talked to about 30 people whove seen it. A lot of them are former skeptics, like on Captain Nibiru´s chat, he used to be critical of the zetas until he saw it 3 nights in a row, and even a skeptic of him has seen it and says its something new. Too many people have seen it multiple nights and checked every star map and can´t find it on any. There are now several independant pictures.
It was about 9:00 PMish when I looked up and there it was, all vividly red, for about 10 sec. What surprised me was how it went out. I thought would be consistent, but now understand that is the nature due to the infra red light. I looked about a week before and have since, but nothing like that night. And no, wasn´t an airplane and I don´t do drugs!
Every Night that is clear in the San Jose CA area, I go out side, line up Jupiter and Saturn follow it down to the horizon and watch the red fuzzy X candidate set in the west. If you cant see it; try making SENTINELS Map your screen saver. After a few days of staring at it you will be able to walk out side and be looking in the correct area for viewing. Worked for me. I have used my binoculars and my 10” inch scope on it. I have also seen fast moving objects while looking for the next X candidate. Some were very spectacular. This is all very exciting. Emperor Kenton [SENTINELS] has all you will need to keep up with this unfolding saga of mans never-ending struggle to make it through the next earth change. Never give up, never surrender.
Arthur, in California
I can't be certain, but Ithought I saw something. I need a good telescope. I looked with binoculars. It was right by Taurus. Very faint It kinda scared me a little, Ive looked alot lately, and have never noticed this before.I dont know what it was. I was pretty much against it, cause for the past 3 weeks I have seen nothing, but tonight it was very faint reddish. Right by Taurus. I live in the midwest [USA] I only could barely see it with the binoculars they were 20*60. It was right below Taurus, but it was were ZT claimed. Im gonna look again tomorrow to verify it. I couldnt say for sure yet that it was PX, but it was unusual.
Silenced, in Midwest USA