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Hawaii Photo, Braking Action
on Apr 7, 2003

At this point in the passage, Planet X has just passed Saturn's Orbit and is slowing down.

   COMPUTED DATE    PX DISTANCE (from our Sun)
     8.4   17-Mar     3.62    Pluto = 3.67 bil miles
     8     20-Mar     2.72    Neptune = 2.79 bil miles
     7.5   23-Mar     1.79
     7.4   24-Mar     1.63    Uranus = 1.78 bil miles
     7.2   25-Mar     1.35
     7.1   26-Mar     1.23
     7     27-Mar     1.12
     6.5   30-Mar     0.8
     6     03-Apr     0.89    Saturn = 0.886 bil miles

A braking action the Zetas have described in detail.

ZetaTalk™: Slowing Influences
Note: written during the May 18, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC session. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Thus, when moving from the mid-point of its orbit between its two foci, the Sun and its dark twin some 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away, the speed of passage is:
  • at first slow as the gravity particles pulling it toward the Sun are scarcely more than the gravity particles pulling it toward the dark twin
  • exponentially faster as the gravity particles increase at this rate the closer Planet X gets to the Sun
  • without impediment when afar from the solar system as represented by the planets orbiting the Sun, alone
  • increasing in essence at an exponential speed when approaching this solar system complex but the speed increase somewhat reduced in the 6 months before
  • passage by the start of the Repulsion Force influence and particle flows or other crowding and buffeting influences
  • decreased dramatically at about the orbit of Mars by the braking action of the Repulsion Force, at last strong enough to counter the inbound plunge toward the Sun
  • slow to a floating rate so that it floats past the Earth during the week of rotation stoppage, which is the point it is also floating past the Sun, rather than zoom past
  • increase in speed to leave the inner solar system as the laser blasts of gravity particles coming from the Sun added to the momentum past the Sun already in place combine to speed it on its way.
The speed at which Planet X floats past the Earth is much faster than the rate the Earth travels in her orbit. Planet X will be millions of miles from the Earth, not quite halfway between the Earth and Sun. Where the speed of Planet X is suffient to move it from one side of Saturn's orbit to the other in 3 short months, it slows while close to the Sun.