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Photos Proferred
as of Apr 8, 2003

Note: no attempt to validate these proferred photos has been done. The Colorado image has been asserted to be a fake by someone claiming to have proferred it, and Yo in the UK is a known debunker. Numerous other photos proferred that were obvious fakes have been omitted from the start. The middle image is more likely valid. The public is encourages to do their own looking!

Thank you for all the hard work, we appreciate it here. I don't want to clutter with too much message, but we managed to take some pictures [on Apr 6]. I'm at San Luis, Colorado, I took the picture on my land using digital binocs (Pentax). The picture was recently posted at: I'm hoping to show it to a few more websites, as well as getting more pictures ASAP.
Jack, in Colorado
I'm in S/W Oregon. It's hard to get clear skys here this time of year. Planet X was not where it was [on Apr 8] when I saw it 2 weeks ago. It WAS where it says to look [then, but has now moved].
Jas, in Oregon

I have had a look at the images posted by YO [in UK]. He has been sending me emails as I understand he has sent some to the rest of the Sighting Team. He is expecting a blazing object on the film, and has posted his [Apr 3] work to show there is no object meeting that description. However, after review of the images and 50/50 contrast/brightness enhancement, I note 2 objects that are standing out on the image. The one closest to his suggested Apr 3 coordinate date is a possible. He has rendered these JPGs into FITs files which when pixel tables are looked at show brighter intensities in this general vicinity, although spread out around the location.The camera used was a Sony DCR-TRV520 NTSC Digital Handycam, 450x digital zoom, 25x optical zoom, infrared and visual spectrum, with steadyshot technology. The digital format is Hi8 also known as Digital 8. He has used the IR feature to attempt to capture near infrared light. This camera is a low end home digital video camera.