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Sightings with Unaided Eye
as of Apr 12, 2003

I have been monitoring what I believe to be Planet X on a nightly basis at the coordinates that you have given. I have now witnessed Planet X in both the red and the white personna. Very interesting stuff!!
Bob, in California
I have seen what you have been pointing to. I to live in Wisconsin, which if you look right when the sun starts down (light polution right where it is). Just when Orions Belt appears you can see the blue red object in the sky where no other stars are to be. In addtion I have confirmed to my satifaction that it is futher than Jupiter but closer than the stars right now with binocures.
I was out looking for it last night [Apr 11] using Kent´s starmap as a guide. Saw something orange faintly twinkling in and out near the coordinates, but nothing definative. Given Planet X´s reported size (5x Earth´s diameter) and that its supposedly only 650 million miles away from us, essentially the same distance as Jupiter, I would think it would be quite noticeable by now? I´m beginning to have serious doubts about all this, however will keep looking just in case.
Star Geezer
Been having clouds, but from my last session... its spread more, and now, I get an object which I believe is the Planet X body... as before, I was only seeing dust clouds and moons... from watching, every now and then it seemed to pulsate red out... not every 5 minutes or anything like that, at random. But when the red comes out, it is very red... but not continuous, not yet... but bigger than 2 weeks ago!
Arthur, in California
Last night was first night [Apr 12] I could check again in Florida because of previous cloudy nights. It was no longer in and out but consistent, at least for the hour I was out gawking at it. Last night the red seemed to be coming out of the bottom, and some to the left/bottom area. And definately bigger than 1 1/2 weeks ago. I was just surprised last night because still expecting it to be fading in and out, and instead was just in my face!!! It is so obvious, that can´t see how anyone can miss it. Even my 15 year old son spotted it, based on how different it is, without me telling him exactly where it was.
Mermaid, in Florida
I saw Planet X on 4/8 and 4/10 in front of my house on the ocean in Waialua on the island of Oahu.
Doug, in Hawaii
<Blubster> Last night [Apr 10] I saw Planet X here from Norway! I have always been real skeptic to this whole Planet X thing, but being an amateur observer for almost 18 years now I thought I could have the possbility to actually check this out for myself. I have been observing every night for the last couple of weeks.
* ZetaCurio shakes Blubster.... tell us more dammit!
<Cnote> Blubster you saw it?
<Blubster> The atmospheric conditions aren't always the best from my location in Norway, but the last couple of nights the conditions have been better than over the last few weeks. I started to scan in a strict pattern around the location where the claim is that Planet X will appear, and at 3:23 AM I came across a somewhat reddish 'blob' that most certainly has NOT been there in the past couple of hundred times that I have been observing in this area. It was
<Gamblor> Blubster is probably typing! Give him a break.
<ZetaCurio> Ok
<Cnote> Blubster it was at the coordinates?
<ZetaCurio> Blubster you should submit this in email the Nancy at her site. Given your years of experience this says alot
<Cnote> Blubster my planetarium says that at 3:23 Orion and Aldebaran are just below the your horizon
<Blubster> Quite faint, but certainly strong enough to make out that it was the kind of 'reddish dust cloud' that the claims have been. Gave me goosebumps all over. I have plans of making more observations in the coming night, and will try to gather pictures and perhaps put together an AVI if the conditions in the coming days/week are equally good.
<Cnote> Blubster my planetarium could be off, or maybe you are at a different location in norway than what I put, but are you sure that what you saw was at the coordinates around Aldebaran?
<Cnote> It should have been just below Aldebaran
<Blubster> 3.23 UTC, and yes I am sure that it was at the coordinates around Aldebaran
<Cnote> What does UTC mean? Okay just checking.
<Blubster> After 18 years I would like to think that I know what I'm looking at ;)
<Cnote> Because my chart says it was just below the horizon when you said.
[Note, UTC timezone is east of Norway timezone, an hour ahead of Norway.]
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