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Sightings with Unaided Eye
as of Apr 16, 2003

Nancy, my cousin in Jamaica had a sighting of Planet X last night. Too much clouds and light polution where I live to see anything as yet though. He said "I saw the star you are talking about, the May event. I saw it last night. A bright red star."
We have an exceptional clear night here, so I went to my local park (less light pollution). I looked to the area and did see a fuzzy, indistinct area that seemed to sparkle every now and then. I´m no expert and I really want this to be a hoax, but I keep getting this feeling and more so when it blinked in and out. I have to add that this feeling has never let me down in the past.
I have this seen below Tauri as your sighting page says. This was not Aldbaran seen earlier this evening. I am still worrying and not sleeping. Skies very clear here in Ethiope, so no mistake. I am yachtsman also. The planet is very big! We have rumours too that unrest among tribesmen sighting this occurs, here in Ethiope.
I told my sister in law about zetatalk and how I saw Nibiru with my binoculars. Five days later she happened to stop in and we got to talking and she said she saw it with unaided eyesight, no problem. She lives in Santa Monica, California. She had clear skies out there, Probably because she lives near the ocean and she has an ocean breeze. She saw it, no problem, with her regular eyesight. She said it was red. I can't see it where I am anymore, clouds, fog, rain all last week.
Nao falo ingles (I don`t speak english). Peguei as coordenadas do site ZetaTalk, Neste Momento sao 3:00 AM na cidade de mar del plata (Argentina) e vejo a olho nu uma nuvem vermelha no local obtido por Sentinel’s Map no site Nao tenho como fotografar o objeto mas tentarei fazer o possivel para fotografa - lo com a ajuda de um fotografo profissional. Manterei contato com voces assim que possivel. Uma pessoa em Sao Paulo (Brazil) vai procurar pelo planeta x no proximo sabado e obter melhor informacao com o mapa de Sentinel.
Carlos, in Argentina
My name is Marcos, and Carlos is my friend in Argenina. We are observing since last Tuesday a distant red cloud near Orion Constellation in southern skies. At this moment I am going to an incredible place in the countryside of Brazilian territory. The place has the best sky available in South America to watch carefully the stars. I believe in Planet X! It believe it is inbound and will trigger the pole shift on Earth. Next Saturday I will carefully watch every inch of the area given by Sentinal Map in I think that the reddish cloud may hid the mysterious planet and its moons. The place where I will examine the red cloud is the best available in southern hemisphere. I am determined to get real evidence about it. I am not putting this information on this board to get attention or be famous. I am helping you to solve this facinating cosmic puzzle. Pardon my friend Carlos, he does not speak English. I think his last posts could be the beginning of many coming sightings in the south hemisphere. I will psot new information about the red cloud as soon as I return probably next Monday. This is a serious and relevant message. This [godlikeproduction] board is fantastic and deserves incredibly credit in every subject topic.
Marcos, in Argentina