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Speculation on Candidates
on Dec 4, 2002 Imaging Session

This is a quick Sum image I did. The [Red] spot I circled appears to be something new, not showing up on DSS or NEAT at all and showing up extremely well on all frames. This spot definitely stood out right away, being close to the Dec 6 coordinates.
Steve Havas
I see a huge smudge where the circled red from me and your circled candidate was. Just like Nancy said, huge. Huge, vast, gigantic, massive, giant, mammoth, colossal, titanic! That sure is a big smudge on the film. That spot on the film is unlike anything we've seen before.Certainly not something on the DSS pics at that location. I'm going to pixel analyse this. It's certainly not ‘single pixel noise’. The White PX I have circled stands out very well in the 11 frames, Avis recognized, and within the coordinates circle you have made on DSS Large.BMP, and in all likelyhood is Planet X.
J William Dell
I looked at Steve's 7 BMP (reflecting is ongoing thought process re candidates) and JWilliam’s, and have still concluded that the objects that I saw last night are the red and white. Attached. Even before I saw Steve's BMP saying a couple of his candidates were, per his conclusion, existing stars, I came to that conclusion too. I have attached a DSS of this area, and circled my Red and White candidates. I'm probably in conference with the Zetas re this.
Nancy Lieder
I've looked at and my resluts and comments are at :