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North Carolina Photo
on Apr 13, 2003, Chapel Hill

I took this last night, near Chapel Hill, NC. It´s the only picture that had anything worthwhile on it.
Kid A
It looks like people are getting pretty excited on the godlikeproduction forum over Kid A's image. Apparently he used a digital camera with binoculars to get this picture. Many there say this image does not appear to have been tampered with at all, or if it was that it is an extremely good fake. The picture was taken at Chapel Hill, NC, April 13. I still have not personally detected Px. Neither have many of my friends. Lousy atmospherics last two weeks. However, this photo taken by a Kid A has my attention. I am very conversant in Photoshop and tried everything I know to detect hoaxing. I could not. I then did a few contrast studies and threshold studies [below]. If it's a hoax it's a good one. Note the helical trailing objects... just as predicted. The dust cloud occludes starlike objects in varying amounts at a distance from the main body. If this is real it fits descriptions.

[Note: Kid A's full original picture, portion below.]