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CopyCat Fake Proferred
Apr 15, 2003

There seems to be a concerted effort to debunk this Kid A image. I received an image from a Capt Glenn late last night. Only comment on Email was "I was given this photo by someone who didn't want to be named. Could this be Planet X?". [Below is] the JPG I was sent. My senses this morning say this is a hoax, made to look like Kid A picture. Perhaps to undermine Kid A image if we posted Capt Glenn as legit, and then someone comes along and admits fraud. Easy to claim if one’s a fraud then the other must be. The image without Planet X looks very familiar. Like something I have seen on website somewhere (maybe selling telescopes?). I have waited all day for Capt Glenn to respond to my questions which I sent him. I wanted to get better background material and original file on this image. He has not replied. We now have another posted to website by Girl 101, attempting to show Kid A pic is easy to duplicate by her. She didn't. Is this just a bunch of people working independently or a collective effort?

I have had further correspondance from Capt Glenn. He has sent the original image of the copy we received earlier. Date given in first image was April 15 2003. Other details listed below. Can we possibly compare this to the first image he sent and have D look this over?
Here is the info that was given to me for the photo shoot:
Lat: 33 39.05 N
Long: 117 24.34 W
Time: 2300
Location in sky is approximate and the object was to the right of Orion's Belt (the lowest in belt) and almost straight down from the star Aldebaron. He was camping off of Hwy 74 in S. California.
Nice piece of art. Aside from the objects brightness being way out of proportion to the starfield and no other celestial objects apparent, his paste activity shows up. A smudge tool was apparently used to make the transitions rather uniform.