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dated Apr 17, 2003

I can't say too much about what I have imaged, since I fear for what might happen if they find me out. I must remain anonymous at this time. Sorry for the image quality, but many people must see this for themselves. Unfortunately, Geocities does not provide much filespace for the original file, and severly regulates the amound of data that can be transfered during a certain amount of time. This was taken last night in my school's observatory. As you can see, something strange is appearring where Planet X is supposed to be. I am now convinced that the Zeta's are right. I am soooo glad that I found Nancy's website recently. Folks, I must now prepare for what is coming. I wish you all luck in the new world that we will all hopefully be around to experience.
Anonymous, [Geocities Posting]
There is another image with Planet X Red quite a bit below coordinates. JPG presented is very low quality. If that photo is genuine, then the place where it shows Planet X is quite far from the published April coordinates from ZetaTalk. The area where Planet X is at in that photo slightly corresponds to the May 15th location of Planet X per ZetaTalk.
Nice composition since the purported PX is in the right position on a starfield per coordinates from Zeta site, however, if you use photoshop to first increase magnification on the redish object to fill your screen and then raise the contrast to at least 80% or higher the pixels show how the object was inserted as well as some other star fields.
If this photo was taken on the night of April 16th as has been claimed, it is most definately faked. Obviously the perp knows little to nothing about astromy. Otherwise they might realize the stars in this photo are not currently aligned as shown here. This photo would have to have been taken in November to appear in this configuration. They also placed their fake PX in entirely the wrong position. Even if it was located where shown, they would not be able to photograph it as presented for that area of the sky is now beginning to be washed out by the sunset, regardless of what longitude or latitude you are located. By the time the sun has set and the sky darkened to the extent illustrated, that position of the sky is over the horizon. If you´re going to do a fake, at least do a little research first and make it challenging for us.
AstroBoy, [GodLikeProductions Message Board]