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Webcam Burnout
Santorini & Vancouver, on July 28, 2003

Webcam Burnout on both Santorini Now and Katkam last night
Only an extremely intense lighsource could be doing this. As often as I have checked these webcams, I have never seen this type of burnout on either of these cameras. ... I cannot even make out the barrier island in the background. I´ve never seen these frames looking this bright in past months. ... The webcams have been fantastic sources of information for many months now. These cameras in these locations, are not cheap. I´ve been watching that site as have many people for some time now, and you’re right. The intensity of the Sun is so extreme it is actually burning out the camera lens. This can only happen if something other than the sun is interfering. If you go back and look at the archives of Katkam, you will notice clear and distinct camera shots from the past. Now we are getting this burnout because of the new light source at the ecliptic. ... That is not fog. At 19:48 the sky was entirely clear, no fog. ... It is 2 bodies as plain as day and the red dust is flowing in now from Planet X. There is no fog for that part of Greece. They have a very dry desert like climate in Santorini and there is no forcast at all for fog. So fog is ruled out. ... Yes, I saw the ´burnout´ on the two cams as well. But also experienced it personally. Couldn´t even be outside yesterday. It was so intense it melted plastic bins. It was hot, but only really hot where it hit.
Re: SHIT! look at NOW. SUN overloading
The Sun just blinked out of the cam image here right before my eyes. Just sky, no sun now. Refresh doesn´t help. ... Oh wait, there is a little dot showing up now, welcome back sun? ... Some damage most have been done to the camera or something or a filter put over it? But if thats the case why can you still see the buildings in the immediate foreground? ... The sun burned out the camera but left enough functioning to capture Planet X in all its glory. ... no fog listed in Athens, slight clouds listed ...

Very interesting. Noticed the same general effect yesterday on Katkam. First image is of perfectly blue sky:
Then as the Sun moves towards the horizon, the picture becomes completely white and washed out. Watched it going down yesterday. Can´t distinguish anything because there is so much light.
As a confirmation, I could barely stay outside yesterday, the Sun was overpoweringly bright and hot wherever it touched.
Re: What the Hell Happened to the Santorini Webcam
From one frame to another the sun disappeared totally. ... Something very strange is happening there at this moment. Camera has not updated in past 8 minutes. ... The too bright sun, then the disappearing sun, and now the reappearing odd orangish dot. ... Odder still I would think the spot where the orangish orb is would be completely burned out since that was roughly dead center on the sun before it winked out.