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Fire Dragon
Pennsylvania, on August 1, 2003

Here is a shot that was taken at 10:00 AM in Arkansas. I reduced the light and bingo, 2 distinct orbs! One is large and red, and the other is white hot and small. This was our first picture, and it turned out good.
The sun also appears to be quite enlongated at the 7:00 position and a number of diffuse flares 360 degrees around. Thank-you for the nice image.
What I note is that the Fire Dragon at 1 o'clock, the White Persona, does not have flare characteristics nor does the Red Persona at 2 o'clock! The Personas do not have a line through the center of the Sun, with a matching flare of some kind on the other side. Look how close the Personas are now coming together, showing they have come closer to Earth. That the diffuse flares around the Sun are so very red shows the influence of the red dust cloud, I think.