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China, on Aug 1, 2003

I recogniced a significant change last days. Some days ago it was impossible to look at the sun - from sun rise to sun set. Now, with a single pair of sun glasses I can do it for a short while, even the sky is quite clear. The sun ball is perfectly round by eye site with a halo of less dense light mass around. The camera does not catch the sun ball, just the whole light mass. This seems to confirm that the whole Planet X complex is in front of the sun now, filtering the intense common rays of the sun but still giving a full view of the sun shape. Still moons or overlaps of Planet X of the sun only the camera catches. The former spots representing the moons, are getting round and well shaped as moon's should be. Must be already very close, the whole mass, as the moons are getting bigger day by day.
The Red Persona has grown larger and moved from the bottom into the body of the Sun, but can be seen as the top part of the Sun has distinct lines, but the bottom is spreading out beyond the borders for the Sun. Indeed, these do not seem to be moon swirls, but individual moons!